Friday, November 13, 2009

Thing #16

Here is my geotagged image

I think geotagging is really cool, If everyone geotagged every image they ever took you could explore what so many different parts of the world look like

Thing #15

I listened to a few of the podcasts on podcast alley. I found them, pretty interesting and think I might start watching some of them on a regular basis.

Thing #14

I thought the RPC was very useful in helping me manage my time and it was pretty easy to understand most of the possibilities this has

Thing #13

I chose iGoogle for my page, it is very cool, I like how much information I can get by simply going to my homepage. The other tools I tried were very useful also I can see the calendars helping me keep better track of events.

Thing #12

These are very useful tools. I really like how it can help me organize my bookmarks

Thing #11

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Thing #10

My Presentation